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Even after the furthest GHD Straighteners Cheap distance in the world, even if you are in the horizon, I was away, can in a pulse waves, able to listen to each other in a friendship smell into round soft, this, might it not a kind of more than I can tell happiness? Blossom time for each other, in this life, I pour my gentle, were you!
I said, the latest day really very sad, like soon fall in the residual leaf also mingled in the branches, will never do not let go of, also don’t know who is who cannot leave, is obviously can end a fall, but still do not enjoy winter give me the sunshine. Long  ago heard that sentence, the leaves fall is the pursuit of leaves or wind didn’t ask her to stay, Cheap GHD Blue Hair Straightener in fact, who also don’t know, I figured maybe is a poet in the poetic inspiration to live with the feeling of bestiality, like said before, you fucking to go.
Who stopped to keep you, who want to block you. I remember the first time I saw so rude words, I was laughing, I most like to steal to smile, Cheap GHD Mini Iv Styler Hair Straighteners For UK often, steal to smile others, occasionally titter himself, and now seems a bit back, don’t know whether I say Buddha causal cycle, but the first feel or think.